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Skip To Your Own Beat!

We all remember when we were kids and would skip away to our hearts' content at break time, jumping for hours whilst singing rhymes and ditties. But skipping is not just for the playground, it's a fantastic workout so here are the reasons why we love to skip as well as some tips and techniques to get you started!

Benefits of skipping
Skipping is a fantastic and effective way to exercise because it
Burns caloriesImproves overall health and fitnessBuilds stamina and enduranceTones and strengthens your whole bodyhelps your agility, balance and coordinationimproves flexibilityWhat's more, it's a fun way to work out! you can try different moves and skills, improve your speed and work on your technique. It's an easy piece of equipment to carry around with you to use at the gym or as a part of a run and even at home.

Tips and techniques
If you don't remember how to skip, don't worry! Here are some tips to get you started with the basic jump.
The key is to keep your core…

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