Goal Setting Tips For Progress

We at AK Fit Club aim to help people with their fitness goals whilst promoting fun along the way.
So here are a few hints and tips to help you kick start and stick to your health and fitness journey. 

Goal setting 
The first thing is to set yourself some SMART goals, really think about what they are. It's important that you are specific in what you want, and aim for something you can measure, which is achievable and realistic whilst also being challenging. Make sure also you have a time frame to work towards whether it be a month or a year. Setting out your fitness aspirations in this way and regularly reviewing them throughout any regime will really help you get on your way to sticking to your challenge.

Planning is key! Whatever your programme might be you will need to put aside time to commit to it on a regular basis. With full time jobs, or studies or other commitments we need to fit our fitness lifestyle around, it's important that we plan our time carefully. Think about when you're going to do your workouts and try to stick to this. If you're trying to eat more healthily plan out your meals and use a shopping list. Meal prep on a Sunday night can really help set you up well for the week, so you have one less thing to worry about. Sometimes other things come up such as work events, or holidays for example. Think about how you can work around this, for example swapping your workout or rest days, or seeing if there is a hotel gym if you're away. 

Progress Tracking 
Another great way to stay on track is to keep a diary of your plan and achievements. Some people like taking regular photos to keep track of their progress or you could keep a picture log on Instagram to share with your friends and fitness community. The main thing is that you have something to record how you're doing against your plan and goals and to stay motivated. This way you're more likely to stick to your regime.

Fitness Friends
We find that working out together means we can motivate each other and we're able to encourage each other to stick to our plans. We try and train together as much as possible and perhaps if we're not quite feeling like working out, we'll give each other a bit of a boost! Finding like minded people who are there to encourage and support you is a great way to help you achieve your goals.

Have fun
And last but definitely not least, the main thing is that you have fun! Fitness is about feeling good about yourself and happy so it's important to enjoy what you're doing whilst also challenging yourself. You are more likely to stay with a plan if you enjoy what you're doing. If you miss a day or you slip a little, don't be too hard on yourself or guilt yourself into quitting; think back to your original goals and remember to stay positive. 

So to wrap up
- Set some clear goals
- Plan and organise your time 
- Involve a friend or few
- Keep a log of your progress 
- Have fun!
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